Like it or not, we all live in a Pokemon world:

How a Google doc broke the news of the Hawaii Democratic caucus results:

Strong women were pillars behind the Civil Rights movement:

6 times Donald Trump felt misunderstood by the media:

Meet Akash Vukoti: Youngest bee contestant, aspiring ‘astroactor’:

Who’s behind the Scripps spelling bee Twitter account? Former champs:

Voices: What happened in Colombia? Take a look at my family to know:

Voices: ISIL or not, Pulse shooting was a hate crime against LGBTQ people:

Asbury Park Press

Dog, owner reunited after devastating fire:

Cop shoots, kills ex-wife with daughter in the car:

Religious exemptions growing for vaccines:

Many jobs, one big government pension:

Christian Science Monitor

How Mary Leakey carved a place for women among man’s earliest steps:

How Twitter changed local politics:











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