Breaking news and the day after

I’ve produced breaking news with a fresh perspective in every job. Here are some of my best.

Hurricane Maria: Fearful NJ mom comes home from Puerto Rico

In October 2017, I traveled to San Juan for a day following a United Airlines crew on a humanitarian mission. Along the way, I found a young mother who left the bread factory she co-owns to join her parents in New Jersey. Read more here.

When a mass shooting overshadows a community

While locals (and some news reports) ran rampant with rumors about a shooting at the Art All Night festival in Trenton, I set out to dispel the misinformation. In the process, I shed light on a strong community that strives to rise above the reputation of crime preceding the state’s capital. Read more here.

Brazil, soccer world rocked by team’s plane crash

Working overnight as a digital editor at USA Today, I saw tweets of a plane investigation. I quickly got confirmation from Colombian aviation officials, translating their statements from Spanish, and wrote the first drafts of our stories about the plane crash. This is one of several examples where my articles and news alerts were first among national news outlets. Read more here.

Long Branch fire ruled murder-suicide

Albeit a team effort, I was the leading reporter at the scene of this grisly investigation. Perhaps the toughest jobs that week was one that came unexpectedly: informing relatives that their loved ones were killed in a murder-suicide. By treating the matter with sensitivity, I was able to connect with the family and offer exclusive coverage that was informative, yet respectful.

Coast Guard suspends search for Indiana dad in plane crash

It began as a feel-good story about a smart teen pilot embarking on an ambitious world-round trip with his father. That story turned tragic when the small plane they flew crashed off the coast of American Samoa.. I followed that story from take off to its bitter end, chronicling the boy’s travel musings, developments in the investigation and their community’s reaction back home. Read more here.


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