Watchdog stories

Statewide sweep nets 28 businesses accused of defrauding immigrants

Sometimes authorities take action in an industry you’re investigating. That happened here, which means some of these details have come to light sooner than I anticipated. But it’s the first of several stories I plan to produce on the subject of “notario” fraud. Read the story here.

Despite legal status, these immigrants are being pushed out

Several immigrants with temporary status in New Jersey told the USA Today Network NJ that their renewed work permits have arrived in the mail months late in over the past two years, and six immigrants said they had run into problems with state agencies or their employers as a result. It’s a classic tale of bureaucracy at the state and federal levels leaving people in the lurch. Read the story here.

Now-shuttered Millstone group home had multiple violations

After media inquiries and complaints from residents, the group home operator mutually agreed to shut down a home it ran in the isolated, wooded town of Millstone. What residents and local officials didn’t know is that the group home had multiple violations, ranging from minor infractions to children working with adults whose background checks hadn’t yet been processed. Read the story here.


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